How to Choose the Right Domain Extension

By | February 15, 2018

The list of Top Level Domains (TLDs) has incredibly increased over the past few years. It has never been an easy job to find a dream domain name. In the past, it was tough to find a domain name of your choice. However, at that time all the hard work was dedicated to find out the part before dot. At present, with so many new TLDs choosing a suitable extension has become more complicated. Let’s see how to select the best extension:

.com Still is the First Choice

To many internet users, .com extension is the only choice a website can have as an extension. For these internet users, websites with other extensions are of no use. This familiarity forces entrepreneurs to consider .com first. It is true that websites with .com extensions simplify branding and marketing. But, getting a dream name suffix is difficult. In such a situation, business owners often settle for a name that is difficult to remember. Their goal of a easy to remember domain name remains elusive. It is better to try new TLDs instead of .com if you do not find a suitable domain name.

ccTLDs can be Good

Internet offers worldwide reach. No matter where your business site is hosted, people throughout the globe can check it. But, do your business needs a global reach? Restaurants, local banks, local stores and politicians often have a local target audience. They can be benefitted from countrycode TLDs

The users as well as the search engine can also decipher from your TLD that it is meant for a particular region. It will help your site to rank better in local search. Another advantage of using ccTLDs is that it is not crowded as that of .com. But, before registering make sure to find out what your TLD stands for.

Try new TLDs

As the .com has become overcrowded and it is difficult to avail any suitable name ending with .com, the new TLDs can be tried. It is true that web users still prefer .com extension the most. There is also no SEO advantage in using a new TLD. But, many of these newly launched TLDs provide a great opportunity to select a meaningful domain name.

Even, many of the established business sites dropped their .com for the newly launched TLDs. A fashion concept store in Bulgaria changed their name from to With new extensions ranging from .finance to .tech, the choices are endless. Now the business owners can own the site name they want instead of settling for what is available. Needless to say, the TLD that you will select must portray your website message. From the TLD alone the web user can form an idea of the site.

.com domain registration is truly a very hard nut to crack. But, business-owners are slowly venturing towards new TLDs. Web users are also accepting them. In some instances the site with new TLD extensions are ranking higher than sites ending with .com. However, before registering a domain do a little research. First, make sure that the extension that you select naturally fits with your business promotion. The domain name chosen can be related to your offerings or the target customers.