India Stands Second as Global Cyber Spam Source

By | May 23, 2011

Though there has been an increase in use of Internet among Indians, many of them are not aware of the cyber spams. Many computers are infected with these cyber spams controlled by specific compromised zombie computers. According to a British IT security firm, the Sophos, USA, India and Russia are the top three countries producing spam. Apart from these, Brazil, France, UK, Germany and Italy are the other popular ones among the top ten spam producing countries. In the Western Europe, UK stands top in cyber spam source accounting for 3.2% of spam globally.

It is found that the U.S. and India alone account for a fifth of spam. Though US is top among the spam producing countries, its share came down from January to March whereas the India’s share has increased slightly. According to their report India’s spam-relaying percentage increased from 6.8 % in October-December 2010 to 7.1% in January to March 2011.

While coming to the continents, Asia (35.1%) is the number one source of spam although there are fewer counties from Asia in the top ten list of spam producing countries. It has, therefore, become essential to educate the users about the dangers of clicking on the links or attachments in spam mails and maintain a security system to prevent their PCs from getting infected.