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Tips For Best Results From Short Ads or Micro-Ads

Short ads, also known as “micro-ads,” are brief advertisements that typically last between 6-15 seconds. To make the most of this brief timeframe, it’s important to follow some best practices when creating short ads: Be concise: Short ads require a clear and concise message. Focus on one key message or idea that can be communicated… Read More »

Growth of eCommerce in India

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a short term used to denote buying or selling through an electronic medium. It is a convenient mode of transaction for customers who prefer purchasing products from home. On the other hand, businesses can set up a virtual store and start selling products online. In India, e-commerce is growing at… Read More »

Drivers Promoting the Growth of India’s E-commerce

In India, e-commerce is growing significantly year on year. Online advertising and purchasing has been increasing in India with increase in Internet penetration rate. The growth of e-commerce in the country is further expected to increase. However, certain major drivers like easy Internet access, Internet penetration growth, payment security, and increased brand trust promote its… Read More »

Market Size of E-Commerce in Different Industries in India

The number of people using the Internet in India is increasing these days. Many organizations and advertisers are promoting and selling their products through the Internet. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) report on online commerce of India stated the market size of different industries including online traveling, e-tailing, digital downloading, online financial… Read More »

E-tailing Expected to Grow Steadily in India

E-commerce is the system where various products and services are purchased and sold over the Internet. E-tailing or e-retailing is the integral part of e-commerce. It includes the sale of retail goods on the Internet. There has been an increase in the number of active Internet users in India. With this, there has been a… Read More »

Growth of Online Travel Industry in India

Online travel industry includes purchasing online traveling services such as domestic and international air tickets, bus tickets, hotel bookings, tour package and traveling etc. In India, the online travel industry has a market share of about 76% and dominates the country’s e-commerce. The average growth rate of the online travel industry is nearly 60% annually.… Read More »