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Boost Your SMB With Target Digital Ads!

Gone are the days when you posted ads on print media and journals with no proper feedback and response. Digital ads have taken the space of the traditional approach as these are faster, simpler, economical, and offer immediate consumer feedback to the business. In a survey, a fact came out to light that more than… Read More »

Mistakes To Avoid In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the crucial aspects of doing a successful business. Small, medium, or large companies –All need to invest in digital ads for reaping global and local benefits. Digital ads give a greater reach of the market, instant feedback from the consumers, and generate higher revenues. But many of you make mistakes… Read More »

Different Categories of Computer Software

Software is a set of programs or set of instructions that is made to manage and control the function of a computing device. Software can be developed and used for different purposes to deal with the specific tasks. It is virtual in nature and does not occupy the physical space. Upgrading a software is a… Read More »

Growing Popularity of G-mail in India

Initially used as an internal e-mail client for the Google employees, G-mail – a web based free mail service from Google is now dominating the e-mail world in India. G-mail was launched on 1 April, 2004 with 1 gigabyte of storage capacity. However, the access to this service is strictly through invitations which are sent… Read More »

Most Major Online Only Events In India Failed In 2009

In the recent times, many Internet applications performance issues are raised in India. Keeping the various reasons aside, many online applications and online tests didn’t perform well. In 2009, election commission’s website server crashed for over two hours due to the huge traffic when the election results were announced. Conducting its first online test in… Read More »

State of Online Display Advertising in India

A viable Internet user base with healthy e-commerce transactions is a good sign for marketers to invest in online advertising. In India, Internet ad revenue account for only 3% of the total advertising market and is considered as younger and niche on volume basis. However, it is set to grow at a healthy pace of… Read More »