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What Factors Shape the Future of Online Advertising?

The digital platform is ruling the world. Today, digital media is the most preferred space for marketing communication. The sole motto of digital marketing is – ‘Conveying the right message to the right people at the right time. And digital platforms are the best medium to accomplish the goal. Multiple factors contribute to shaping the… Read More »

Boost Your SMB With Target Digital Ads!

Gone are the days when you posted ads on print media and journals with no proper feedback and response. Digital ads have taken the space of the traditional approach as these are faster, simpler, economical, and offer immediate consumer feedback to the business. In a survey, a fact came out to light that more than… Read More »

Contribution of the Indian Education Sector to Online Advertising in India

Online advertising is a form of promotion on Internet for communicating the message to attract the customers. Education sector is one of the major sectors spending on online advertising in India. Online advertising is classified into two types, the display (images or logos or text based images) and text ads. Upon clicking the display image… Read More »