Why Indians are Not Shopping Online?

By | May 4, 2011

It is known that the Internet has become a medium for various businesses. Shopping through Internet or online shopping is one of the segments that is increasing in India. Online shopping has its own benefits. It saves time, effort, and money. However, some, in fact many people in the country still do not prefer online shopping for many reasons. A study of the I-Cube 2009 states that among 13.6 million people who look for information of various products and services on the Internet, around 6.13 million users do not purchase online. Some of the reasons for not shopping online were found by the study here.

Lack of trust
According to I-Cube 2009 survey, 99% of the 6.13 million Internet users said the main reason for not shopping online was lack of trust on Internet. The security concerns during transactions were the main concern for those people. Though debit and credit cards are mostly used for online payments, some of the Indians still preferred transactions in person to avoid the security issues. Further, they did not have trust in the quality of the product that is purchased online.

Fulfillment issues
The study reported that around 77% of the non-online shoppers did not prefer purchasing through the Internet because of fulfillment issues. The delivery of the goods was the main issue that worried them. Delays and loss of delivered products made them avoid online shopping.

Shopping experience
Around 69% of the non-online shoppers did not prefer online shopping because of the lack of shopping experience. Shopping through traditional means include fun, satisfaction, and entertainment that cannot be found in online shopping.

Wish to see the product
This was the reason observed in about 63% of the non-online shoppers. They wish to see, touch and feel the product when shopping. However, this feature is not found in online purchasing and hence is avoided by some people. It is because of this reason that the online shopping for books and ticketing was more successful than for purchasing apparels in India.

Apart from these things, the I-Cube 2009 survey also reported that about 47% of the 6.13 million non-online shoppers did not have any need of purchasing products online.

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