41% of the Mobile Users Accessing Internet in India

By | May 23, 2011

In India, mobile usage is increasing rapidly because of the cheap handsets and cheaper call-rates provided by mobile service providers. Nowadays, Internet is also provided with low cost by mobile service providers in India. Mobile Internet has shown immense potential in India.

According to a survey conducted by the Opera Software and On Device Research, desktop Internet was either infrequently or never used by 49% of Internet users. It was found that India had been the 2nd largest base of mobile-only Internet generation after South Africa. It even revealed mobile as the only way to access Internet by about 41% of Indians. Most of the youth and in particular, 94% of people between 13 and 34 age groups, dominated the mobile Internet users in the country.

According to the Google India, nearly 4 crores of Internet users in India access it through their mobiles with nearly 3 crores of app downloads in one week. The company predicted that more than 30 crores of people would be mobile Internet users by 2015.

Facts about Indian Mobile Internet users

  • People between 20-30 years of age accounted 75% of the mobile web users
  • People above 35 years of age accounted very less i.e., 5%
  • Most of the mobile Internet users (89%) were male
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle constituted 29% of mobile Internet surfing requirement

Interactive mobile Internet services such as social networking, search and e-mail were found to be prominently used by Indians.

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