Most Indians are Using Internet to Search About Cars: Google

By | August 22, 2011

There are about 10 crore Internet users in India which makes the country the world’s third biggest Internet market. As per a Google’s survey, this increased Internet usage in India has great impact on growth of auto industry sales as more and more people in India are using Internet to research about the cars. The search on Internet for different models of cars has increased by 72 percent in the first of the year, which is also an increase by 84% from the last year.

Among the various companies, Maruti Suzuki which sells about half of the cars in India is the most searched company, followed by Honda and Hyundai, which are the country’s no.2 sellers. Among the various models, Maruti Suzuki’s hatchback car Alto, is the most searched brand between January 2010 and May of this year, followed by Ford’s Figo. Due to the increased petrol prices, queries for fuel efficient and diesel cars have increased by 52 percent in the first two months of this year.

India is the fastest growing auto market in the world, next to China. The auto industry has seen a 150 percent growth of revenues in 2010, of which the major part is expected to be spent on digital advertising.