Indian Facebook Brand and Media Statistics 2011

By | October 27, 2011

While increasing growth of Social media, many of the companies are adopting social media to grow business. Businesses and Brands cannot function without the support of social media tools. The growth has been equally spectacular in the personal usage of social media. And also Indians are not only using social media sites for communications, but are also using for reviewing brands.

In India, Facebook is the leading social networking site. According to the Social Baker – June 2011 statistics, Facebook costs per click (CPC) advertisements is about 53 cents that means Rs 23 to 24 in India. When compared to US, CPC is nearly 50% low in India. Facebook advertisements cost per click is about USD 1.22 that means Rs.55. And in India, CPM (cost per 100 impressions) is 23 cents (Rs. 10 to 11) and in US it is 52 cents (Rs. 22 to 23).

As far as brands are concerned, Tata Docomo has more number of fans with 2.5 million on Facebook in India. And the growth rate since the last month is 27.26%. Vodafone Zoozoos is in second position with 2.1 million fans with growth rate at 20.55%. And the IPL cricket team Mumbai Indians is in the third place with growth rate of 19.08%, it has 1.7 million fans.

And MTV is the top most media in Facebook having 2.7 million fans and the growth rate since the last month is 9.27%, followed by The Times of India (1.2 M, 11.89%), Channel [v] India (1M, 9.15%).