India is Among the Top Asian Countries in Terms of Facebook User Growth in 2011

By | February 29, 2012

Social media usage is growing rapidly in India. With this high popularity among the public, many of the businesses and brands have realized that they cannot function without the support of social media tools. According to the Nielsen and Absolute data report, there are nearly 30 million social media users in India and this number is expected to increase to 45 million by 2012.

All over the world Facebook has nearly 700 million active Internet users. In India, the Facebook users base is near to 29 million mark. According to the Social Bakers June 2011 statistics, there are 166 million Facebook users in entire Asia. India is in top with 28,581,200 Facebook users.

The growth of Facebook users in India is 65.32%. In the year of 2011 beginning there are 17.2 million (17288060) Facebook users in India. And the number increased to 28.5 million in June 2011. If it is observed 11.2 million users increased in just 6 months.

Coming to Facebook user base growth in first 6 months, India is in top among Asian countries with the increase of 11.2 million, followed by Indonesia (6.2 million), Philippines (5.8 million) and Thailand (3.6 million).

And there are only three countries which have seen above 50% growth rate in Facebook users in the period of January to June 2011. Japan is in top with having 104.42%, followed by India (65.32%), Thailand (53.89%), Pakistan (48.68%), and South Korea (46.76%).