Terrorists are Using Internet to Rope Youths in India

By | July 1, 2011

The Indian Home Secretary has stated that terrorists are using Internet media to rope in youths of India and conduct ant-social activities. Most of the terrorist attacks were facilitated by communications from the handlers.

The Indian government is taking measures to improve data security by reviewing and updating the strategies of national cyber security. It has also come up with a crisis management plan, by creating a national computer emergency response team CERT-IN. This team is the national nodal agency in the cyber security, which also works with international partners. Improving cyber security certification system in the country will also help in curbing online crime.

For all the above measures to be effective, India needs to have more labs of telecom infrastructural equipment. At present there is only one such lab, which can do level three certifications.

Though the domestic laws are in place, there is no harmonised legal framework to tackle cyber-crimes. As the cyber-crimes are ‘borderless’, most of the crimes are conducted from servers which are outside India. Therefore, even when law enforcement agencies of other countries are approached, help is delayed, as many times they will not give information citing privacy issues.

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