2011 Top Facebook users in Indian Cities

By | September 19, 2011

Facebook currently has 35,623,220 million users in India which makes India the 3rd largest country in terms of Facebook users. Facebook user base is growing rapidly in India. Since, last 6 months, the user base increased by more than 13,565 950. Many of the businesses and brands have realized the benefit with Facebook.

People in India are very much interested to join in Facebook. According to the Social Baker June 2011 Facebook statistics, Mumbai has the highest Facebook user base with 3.7 million Facebook users in India. And also Mumbai is the 18th top most city in the world in terms of highest Facebook users. The country’s capital Delhi ranked 36th with 1.6 million Facebook users, and Bangalore (1.3 M) ranked 37th. When comes to Chennai, it has highest penetration with 101.64% among Internet users and the city has only 1.2 million Facebook users. This indicates that every Chennai Internet users has 1 profile on Facebook. And Pune raked 6th with 8,30,000 Facebook users.

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