Major Sites Went Down Against SOPA and PIPA

On 18th January 2012, a large group of technology companies with high profile websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, WordPress, Mozilla and many more censored their websites with black bars and black-out pages. They showed their unhappiness in the form of protest messages against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act),… Read More »

Growth of eCommerce in India

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a short term used to denote buying or selling through an electronic medium. It is a convenient mode of transaction for customers who prefer purchasing products from home. On the other hand, businesses can set up a virtual store and start selling products online. In India, e-commerce is growing at… Read More »

Indian Facebook Brand and Media Statistics 2011

While increasing growth of Social media, many of the companies are adopting social media to grow business. Businesses and Brands cannot function without the support of social media tools. The growth has been equally spectacular in the personal usage of social media. And also Indians are not only using social media sites for communications, but… Read More »

Most Popular Indian Brands on Facebook – 2011 Statistics

Many businesses have realized the growing trend in social media usage and started spending more on social media. In India, most of the businesses and brands cannot function without being associated with social media. This is because the Internet user base is growing and many people are interested to join in social media. People are… Read More »

2011 Top Facebook users in Indian Cities

Facebook currently has 35,623,220 million users in India which makes India the 3rd largest country in terms of Facebook users. Facebook user base is growing rapidly in India. Since, last 6 months, the user base increased by more than 13,565 950. Many of the businesses and brands have realized the benefit with Facebook. People in… Read More »